“I chose to participate in Heartbeat’s Heart 2 Heart Program because I recently gained custody of my granddaughter. I had three hours to decide if I would continue my career, or remove her from a foster home where she was being neglected. I knew that I needed support to continue this journey.

The most valuable thing that I have learned from the parenting classes, is that we all need assistance at some point.

There are no perfect parents/guardians. But, as long as we seek God for guidance and continue to learn from listening to other’s experiences, participating in classes, and trying new methods, you will be successful!! Despite COVID-19, my graduation experience was GREAT!! I received a certificate for class participation, a gift card, and beautiful flowers. I was able to share my story and connect with two beautiful souls that I usually have limited interaction with. To the donors who supported my last daughter, my three grandchildren, and I during our participation at Heartbeat, the words “thank you” do not seem powerful enough to express my sincere appreciation.

You all gave me HOPE as I fought to create and maintain stability! As the Heartbeat staff have witnessed, I often had to bring my crew of 3 to the classes. I was very overwhelmed and teary because of being the divorced, single head of the household, and adjusting to my extended family. I literally went from having not enough to provide, to having exactly what my family and I needed. The Heartbeat group prayed for us, hugged me when the tears flowed, offered encouragement . I used my “points” to “shop” for the toys, diapers, wipes and clothes for my grandchildren. They were always excited when their Nana had a class at Heartbeat.

For those who are expecting a baby and are feeling anxious about being able to provide, I would highly recommend contacting Heartbeat for classes. You will receive the emotional support that you need and many of the items that your child needs.”