Stay At Home Careers

Parenting is a full-time job, making it difficult to hold on to a full-time career. But the income from work outside the home is also appreciated—especially during times of rising prices.

Fortunately, stay-at-home moms (and dads, for that matter) have a wealth of options when it comes to finding work opportunities that can be performed at home to earn some extra cash. In addition, you get to choose your hours, making it ideal for juggling a busy parent’s schedule.

Here are ten of the most popular work-from-home opportunities for busy parents:

1) Data Entry Specialist

This is a popular job for all sorts of people. Data entry positions can be very flexible, allowing individuals to work around their daily routine and choose their hours to accommodate children’s school schedules. The only skills you need for this job are typing quickly and accurately and possessing a keen attention to detail.

best part time jobs for parents

2) Writer

There are always publications—both in print and online—that need writers on topics such as parenting, gardening, cooking, and more. In many cases, you can leverage your personal parenting experience into articles you can get paid for.

3) Transcriptionist

As the name suggests, transcriptionists transcribe audio or non-digital written content into digital text files. Fast and accurate typing is a must. If you can type approximately 75 words per minute with few mistakes, you can make some decent money converting other people’s work to text files.

4) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support to individuals or small businesses. In many cases, your clients will be people also working from home who need help managing their email and social media, updating their schedules, making travel arrangements, and conducting light research.

5) Graphic Designer

Graphic designers with the right software at home and decent visual skills can make some money helping businesses design logos, promotional materials, signs, advertisements, and more. Of course, it helps to have a computer at home with good memory and a fast Internet connection for finished file transfers.

6) Web Designer

Web designers require many skills when creating visuals for websites, designing navigational elements, creating graphics, choosing fonts and colors, and using HTML code. You can make an excellent income if you have the skills to design websites and web templates part-time.

7) Proofreader

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why there is always work for a skilled proofreader. If you have an excellent command of language, are detail-oriented, can use the Internet to conduct fact-checking, and are good at finding errors, this could be a job for you.

8) Marketing Specialist

While this position may require more background experience, it’s nonetheless an excellent job for those looking to work part-time from home. For example, a marketing specialist will often work for individual clients or small businesses to coordinate marketing campaigns, handle SEO content, write copy, and similar related tasks to promote a product or service through branding and outreach.

9) Social Media Specialist

Suppose you have a lot of experience using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. In that case, you might find a part-time career as a social media specialist of interest. For example, you would create content for a business’s social media sites to help increase the number of followers and improve engagement.

10) Customer Service Representative

Many large businesses hire people working from home as part-time customer service representatives. In this position, you’d take phone calls, respond to inquiries, provide customers with assistance, and handle light administrative tasks. Ideally, you’ll need a quiet place to work at home, access to the Internet, and good phone or online skills.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Having the freedom to choose your clients and hours makes working from home an attractive proposition for anyone, especially for stay-at-home parents. You can determine if you want to work full or part-time depending on your schedule that month.

Finding work-from-home jobs is pretty straightforward. There are several online job boards such as Upwork, FlexJobs, and, where you can find opportunities to get you started.

Before you know it, you’ll be earning real income on your terms.

Good luck, and have fun!