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The Knights of Columbus have recently announced a fundraising push to purchase a new, state-of-the-art ultrasound machine for Heartbeat of Toledo to replace the older equipment they previously purchased.

This new ultrasound machine will be able to provide Heartbeat of Toledo’s health professionals with critical prenatal health information. In addition, when weighing all the legal options available to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is essential that women have access to the information an ultrasound scan provides. A quality ultrasound not only confirms pregnancy it can also detect complications such as a non-tubal ectopic pregnancy which can pose a severe health risk to the mother.

This fundraiser is part of a nationwide movement by the Knights of Columbus to aid life-affirming, community-level women’s health service centers with up-to-date equipment so they can provide better service to their populations. For more information on the Knights of Columbus ultrasound fundraiser, you can visit their website at kofc.org.

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A Fully-Realized Support System

Heartbeat of Toledo identifies as a life-affirming organization. It is their mission to treat all their patients with dignity and respect by encouraging them to make their own informed decisions.

It is an all-too-common occurrence that women facing an unplanned pregnancy are often presented with inaccurate or incomplete information. By contrast, Heartbeat of Toledo is dedicated to ensuring that the women who come through their doors are given as much honest, medically accurate, and complete information as possible. With options such as the abortion pill so readily available, Heartbeat of Toledo feels it is important to provide women with the opportunity to learn more about the viability of their pregnancy before making any irreversible decisions.

Regarding the services Heartbeat of Toledo provides their patients, Executive Director Gina Bonino says:

“In my experience, women who are coerced or rushed into a decision with limited information tend to experience the most regret. One thing is certain, that no matter the decision a woman chooses, it will change her life. Taking the time to explore all options available and review complete information allows women to make a fully-informed decision. The ultrasound is a vital piece of that information that women should have access to. We are so appreciative to the Knights for continuing to provide this vital tool to the women we serve each day.” 

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Who Is Heartbeat of Toledo?

“We are a life-affirming organization whose mission is to be the best source of information and support to women facing pregnancies and to help moms, dads, and babies in need. What began as a dream of Dr. John Hillabrand and Mrs. Lore Maier over 50 years ago has become a beautiful reality of intentional care for women in our great city. The heart of Heartbeat has always been to serve women, walking alongside each of them as they share their journey with us.”

While Heartbeat of Toledo’s original mission was providing free pregnancy testing to women within the Toledo area, they have expanded its mission to include ultrasounds, STI testing, options counseling, parenting education, adoption support, and judgment-free post-abortion care.

According to our Annual Report, Heartbeat of Toledo in 2021 has provided its essential family planning and pregnancy support services to over 1,200 people—free of charge.

In addition to meeting the physical health needs of each woman engaging in our services, Heartbeat of Toledo also provides women with social and emotional support. Heartbeat of Toledo is staffed with social work professionals who work as patient advocates to help provide access to additional community resources. Heartbeat of Toledo is unique in that it is the only community service organization within 200 miles that offers adoptive birth parent support groups—a valuable asset for many women who make the choice of adoption.

For more information on Heartbeat of Toledo, its resources, and a wealth of valuable information on health and pregnancy, explore our website or give us a call!