Safe Haven Baby Box Coming To Springfield

At Heartbeat of Toledo, every life matters. And for mothers and newborns who are among the most vulnerable, the organization recently announced a banquet to help cover costs associated with installing and monitoring a Safe Haven Baby Box in Springfield Township at Fire Station 51 on South McCord Road in Holland, Ohio.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes are a safe place for mothers to anonymously surrender their newborns, up to thirty days old, without judgment or fear of criminal prosecution under the protection of the Safe Haven Law.

Enacted in 2000, the Safe Haven Law provides guidance and protection for mothers who feel unable to care for their child and allows them to surrender their unharmed newborn to a safe place, like a hospital, police, or fire station, with no questions asked.

Undoubtedly, this is not an easy decision for any new mother, and providing a place of safety and security for these infants is a top priority for Heartbeat Of Toledo.

“We are committed to providing resources and support for new mothers in our community,” said Executive Director, Gina Bonino. “No mother should feel like she has nowhere to turn. We are honored to assist our community firefighters in providing a safe space for infants who would otherwise be abandoned.”

This box will get monitored 24/7. Temperature-controlled: When an infant gets placed inside, it activates a silent alarm to alert first responders, who put the baby in Lucas County Children’s Services care without questions.

“This is one small way we can help support a woman in a desperate situation, make a choice that honors her needs and the safety of that child” said Gina Bonino “We offer many support services at Heartbeat of Toledo, and we want every mother to know that she has options available.”

As of June 2022, there were six Safe Haven Baby Boxes throughout Ohio. The boxes are available as a last resort for mothers who feel they are without any other options. Springfield Township Fire Station 51 will be bringing the very first to Lucas County.

This program has proven effective in other states, such as Indiana. Since officials installed the first box in 2016, approximately 80 babies got surrendered, and the number of infant abandonment deaths has dropped to zero.

The Heartbeat of Toledo Banquet takes place on October 11, 2022, at 6 PM at The Hilton Garden Inn in Perrysburg. A portion of the funds raised at the Banquet will help cover the initial installation costs and pay for ongoing monitoring of the Safe Haven Baby Box in Springfield Township.

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