Why Fathers Matter

Having a strong family is vital for a child’s success. And while the overreaching concept of family has changed and evolved, one thing remains the same – fathers play a critical role in their children’s lives.

Here are some surprising facts about just how significant a father’s presence is:

  1. Dads actively involved in their children’s lives are likelier to have kids who excel academically. For example, one study found that children with involved fathers were 40% more likely to get A’s in school than those without involved dads.
  2. Studies have shown that children with a close relationship with their fathers are more likely to develop into well-adjusted adults. In addition, they’re more likely to have fulfilling relationships themselves and be less likely to suffer from depression.
  3. Fathers play a vital role in their children’s social development. Kids with involved dads are more likely to have strong social skills and be less likely to experience social problems like bullying.
  4. Fathers can have a positive influence on their children’s behavior. For example, one study found that children with dads who are involved in their lives are more likely to exhibit empathy, self-control, and moral reasoning than those without involved fathers.
  5. And last but not least, children with involved fathers are likelier to enjoy a stronger emotional bond and relationship with their dads, which can lead to a lifelong relationship of love and support.

So what does it take to be an involved father? It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – simply being there for your kids, spending time with them, and showing them that you love and care about them can make all the difference in the world.

What If The Biological Father Is Unavailable?

In some cases, biological fathers may be unavailable due to death, incarceration, or other circumstances. If this is the case, looking for other male role models in your child’s life is essential – whether a grandfather, uncle, or a trusted family friend.

While a father figure is not a replacement for a biological father, having a positive male role model in their life can still provide many of the same benefits, especially for young boys who may be missing a father’s influence.

For instance, one study found that boys who had a close relationship with a father figure were less likely to get into trouble at school or with the law as they got older. In addition, they were likely to form better relationships and be more emotionally resilient.

So whether spending a day fishing, practicing ball, or just talking about life, any time spent with a positive male role model can make a big difference in a child’s life.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the circumstances or situation, it’s important to remember that a father, or a father figure, plays an essential role in a child’s life. Children are only small once, so the impact that dads or father figures make during these formative years is sure to last a lifetime. So why not make your impact a positive one?