Women’s Health Services in Toledo, OH

Heartbeat of Toledo is an organization dedicated to supporting women facing pregnancy and having questions and concerns. Our goal is to walk beside you in your journey as you grow into motherhood if that is the path you choose, providing the advice and support you need in this special time. Since our founding in 1971, we have remained a free women’s clinic providing STI testing, pregnancy testing, ultrasound, counseling, information about abortion, adoption, and parenting education.

Free Help and Support for Women

Heartbeat is a growing organization that wants to help women understand their options. Whether that means moving forward with parenting their unborn baby or considering a supportive adoption, we want them to know there are choices and that they can have support along the way. Our goal is to provide medical care and support and support the women who need our help on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

As such, we have a team of doctors and nurses, and social workers who serve as patient advocates and connections to community resources. This team means that women get the medical care they and their babies need and the emotional and community support necessary to support them through an unexpected pregnancy. This added social support means we are well-equipped to assist dads and needy babies, providing help for the entire family throughout the pregnancy journey.

Support During Pregnancy and Beyond

At Heartbeat of Toledo, our free women’s clinic doesn’t just support mothers while they are pregnant. We extend that support after the baby is born. Our Heart to Heart Parenting Education programs help new moms ease into their roles, and our First Look Women’s Center helps take care of other specific women’s health needs.

We also offer the Sharing Hearts adoptive birth parent support group. This is the only group within 200 miles providing support for birth parents after the baby is born and adopted. This journey is a uniquely challenging one, and we are here to provide follow-up care and support.

All of the services at Heartbeat of Toledo are available free of charge to those who need help the most. Schedule a visit to our free women’s clinic today.