Tips For Telling Your Family

Finding out that you are expecting can sometimes be a shocking surprise. When you need to tell your parents that you are expecting, especially if you are still living with them, you’re probably worried about what they might think or how they might respond. If you face this situation, it may help to know that you are not alone. You can tell your parents about your pregnancy and prepare yourself emotionally for their response.

Know You’re Not Alone

Many other women have had to face the conversation with their parents about a pregnancy. They likely felt many of the same emotions you did, wondering how their parents would respond. If the pregnancy was not expected, they, like you, were worried their parents would be angry or disappointed in them. These feelings are normal, and often they cause more distress than delivering the message actually does.

toledo pregnancy's test

Verify Your Pregnancy

Before you sit down with your parents, make sure you really are pregnant. There can be other reasons for a missed period. We recommend you visit Heartbeat of Toledo for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. This test will confirm whether or not you are pregnant and give you important information about your next steps.

It’s Positive; Now What?

If you do have a positive pregnancy test, we will provide you with a free ultrasound scan. This will confirm your pregnancy and the gestational age of your baby, which means how far along you are. It will also ensure that there is a heartbeat, which means a viable baby.

If the ultrasound scan is clear, you need to know that you do have options. An unexpected pregnancy does not mean you have to have an abortion. You have many options, and our team will take the time to listen to all of your concerns and plans for the future. We will answer your questions about your options, so you can make a choice based on all of the possibilities.

We will also help you talk to your parents. We’ll ask for information about them, their personalities, and even your family’s financial situation or religious beliefs. These conversations are 100% confidential, and we will not talk to your parents for you. However, we will help you gather the information you need to talk to them yourself and help you plan for that conversation.

Having the Talk

No matter when you do it, the conversation will be difficult. However, you should find a time when you have your parent’s undivided attention. We will arm you with information to start the discussion. When you have it, make sure you outline all of your options and tell them what you want to do. Remember, this may be a shock to them. Listen to their feelings, but make sure you are at peace with the decision you have made for yourself and your pregnancy. They may wish for something different, but you have the right to make the decision.

No matter what you decide, Heartbeat of Toledo is here to walk with you. If your parents are angry and do not want to help you, and the baby’s father is not in the picture, we have resources for you. You have help and support from us, and you can have this conversation ad take steps forward in your life. Give us a call today to get started.